Travel Talk with Sarah Fern from the Daily Bubbly

travel talk Sarah Fern

This month’s Travel Talk will take us across the pond – it’s time to meet Sarah Fern from the American lifestyle blog The Daily Bubbly!

As I wrote in my previous Travel Talk with Lisa from Fjords & Beaches, I must admit that the  Travel Talk interviews are probably one of my favorite parts of travel blogging. It allows me to connect and discover other amazing bloggers out there – and it also gives me an opportunity to honor all of their hard work. There’s an awful lot of competition on le interweb these days, and I find it sad that we often focus on rivalry rather than lifting each other up. Let’s change that, shall we?!

This month, I have teamed up with the rather excellent lifestyle blogger Sarah Fern from the Daily Bubbly. Let’s have a wee chat about all things travel related, shall we?

Hello Sarah! First things first – can you give us a brief introduction?

Well, I started my blog The Daily Bubbly back in June of 2016. After five years of writing and working for others, I decided to take the big step and work for myself. I have a background in Fashion Merchandising and digital marketing. The Daily Bubbly is a lifestyle blog where I write about a variety of topics – including travel.

What is your favorite destination?

My favorite destination… that is a hard one! For me, traveling is about who I am with. So perhaps a simple trip back to my hometown of Cleveland and visiting my family and friends while discovering new restaurants and writing about old school gems? Or New Orleans where my husband and I had our honeymoon! We also ate the best burgers of our lives and stayed at a little hotel in the French quarter. I would never be able to pick just one place…

travel talk the daily bubbly

… And where are you never going back?

I am not sure I have been to a place I wouldn’t go back to!

What do you always bring with you on a trip? 

Definitely my toothbrush, haha… Well, I must say a great pair of heels! You are always ready for anything with a great/favorite pairs of heels.

travel talk the daily bubbly

It’s been great chatting to you, Sarah! Can you reveal where you are headed next?

I just got back after spending a week in South Florida. Maybe family time in Cleveland, oh or maybe Portland? Or maybe I’ll do a romantic getaway with the hubby!

BIO: Sarah, is a #GirlBoss and the creator behind The Daily Bubbly. Her lifestyle blog explores the creative side of life. She focus on the local community around her, fashion, cooking, home decor and travel. When she is not blogging, you can find Sarah on her yoga mat and obsessing over her husband, young son and golden retriever.

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Christina Sunneklep (b.1992) is a rather snap-happy Norwegian travel blogger. For the past few years, she's been winging it in Rome - now she's doing her best to conquer Glasgow, Scotland.


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