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In this month’s Travel Talk, we are headed to charming Amsterdam to have a wee chat with Camilla from the Scandinavian travel blog

Hello Camilla! First things first – can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Well, I’m a Danish girl who is currently based in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. Here, I work as a web editor for a major online travel platform. I travelled for the first time when I was 10 months old and went to visit my grandad in Texas with my parents. Since then I’ve pretty much been obsessed with travelling and exploring new places, and in my 25 years I’ve managed to visit 18 countries and lived in Denmark (obviously), the US, Hong Kong, and now the Netherlands.

I started my blog back in 2015 to document my travels and my experiences from living abroad. That year I was making the move to Hong Kong for six months, and at the time I felt like not many people shared their expat experiences – at least not in Denmark. I was hoping that I that way could encourage people to take the big step and study, intern or work abroad at least once in their life.

Lately I’ve been working on rebranding the blog to have more of a focus on beauty on the go, while I’m also working on launching a brand new travel blog with my French boyfriend Olivier. Our goal for the new blog is to inspire you to still try to tick off the bucket list, but at the same time try to experience some undiscovered places off the beaten pathI feel like lately you’re almost supposed to feel ashamed if you’re going to popular places like Paris, Venice or New York, and that some people are almost trying too hard to only travel somewhere unique. What we’ll try to prove to people, is that you can still travel off the beaten path as so many people encourage you to, but still be able to tick off that bucket list that you’ve been working on since you were a kid. Even in a touristic place like Paris, there are so many hidden treasures that are just waiting to be experienced!

As an avid traveller, Camilla, do you have a favorite destination?

Tough question. I love both the US and China! Two very different places, I know. My grandad lived in the US, so I’ve always loved visiting him at his house in Texas. I’ve also had the opportunity to study in Arkansas literally in the middle of nowhere, but it really just made me love the country and its people even more! However, over the past couple of years I’ve fallen deeply in love with the crazy country of China. I basically love everything about it – the very honest (and slightly crazy) people, the culture, the history, the breathtaking landscapes away from the cities, and of course the food. I feel like many people tend to hate China and it’s often a very overlooked destination, but if we forget about the country’s politics, it’s really one of the most amazing and diverse places, you can imagine. I encourage anyone to visit China at least once in their life!

travel talk cammi

Camilla loves both the US and China…

Great answer! And where are you never going back?

I really hate to say that I hate something. I believe any destination is amazing, and that it’s just about your approach and expectations to make your visit amazing. But there is still one place that I’ll never set my foot again. My boyfriend and I did a road trip around Tuscany a few years back, and overall our trip was pretty great. We ate incredible pasta and pizza, walked through the Boboli Gardens in Florence, sailed a gondola in Venice, and went for a swim in Lake Garda. But one place on this trip that I’ll never want to visit again is Pisa. Obviously because of the crazy crows near the Leaning Tower, but simply also because there actually was absolutely nothing else to do in the city and the prices er just ridiculous.

So what’s the one thing you ALWAYS bring with you on your travels?

Well, a good travel blogger would never leave the house without a camera or two, a laptop and loads of spare batteries and memory cards… But apart from that I always travel with a hand sanitizer, a scarf, and wet wipes or tissues. Hand sanitizer because I’m a huge germaphobe and especially public transportation would be the worst for me if I couldn’t clean my hands. Scarf because it’s perfect for staying warm on the plane, or if you’re visiting somewhere sacred, where you need to cover your shoulders. Wet wipes or tissues are just great at all times – if you need to freshen up your face, if you’re out of toiletpaper (learned that the hard way in China), or if you’re dealing with some messy food.

travel talk cammi

Camilla strongly endorses Scandinavia as a travel destination. Here, she’s chilling high above the Norwegian fjords

 Where are you headed next, Camilla?

As we’re currently based in the center of Europe and near one of the best airports around, we’re planning on mainly focusing on exploring every corner of our beautiful continent. We just came back from a weekend in Antwerp, Brussels, and next we’ll be heading to Paris, Iceland, Germany, and of course also back to Denmark to visit my family. In two years time we’re planning on taking a break from work to experience all those amazing places around the world that we’ve never had the opportunity to visit because of the limited time we have for travelling. That’s also one of the main reasons that we’re creating the new blog – to be able to document that journey.

travel talk cammi

Camilla befriended this cute gentleman on her last visit to Morocco

BIO: Camilla is a 20-something Danish blogger based in charming Amsterdam. On her blog she shares personal stories and tips from her travels, her favorite picks for beauty on the go, and anecdotes from the life of an expat.

Christina Sunneklep (b.1992) is a rather snap-happy Norwegian travel blogger. For the past few years, she's been winging it in Rome - now she's doing her best to conquer Glasgow, Scotland.


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