Looking for a bae at Bodega Bay


Bonsoir from the Hipster area of Paris.

Ok, so you might be wondering what I’m doing in the middle of a hipster area in Paris. Admittingly, I’ve never been one of the cool kids. You know, the really cool ones. I’ve never been the type of girl that everyone wanted to be like. Or dress like. Or talk like. And for me, it was more than enough to try to be myself. How would I have the time to be cool as well?!

In school, I was a shy and annoying know-it-all. During my undergrad, I could ruin the atmosphere of any given party by discussing historical facts or starting arguments on politics or philosophical questions (and I still do, I’m afraid. #NerdsForever) I once asked my ex-boyfriend if he thought I was cool. He laughed. (He also laughed when I asked him if he thought I was sexy. As you might understand, I’m rather single these days).

So I guess I’m a nerd at heart, and honestly, it rarely bothers me. However, I must admit that there are times when I really want to pretend I’m cool.

Those times I want to wear a dress that is normally a bit too much for British academia. Those times I want to wear bright red lipstick and talk to dangerous men who are wearing leather jackets and smoking cigarettes.

And for those times, Paris presents me with the perfect loophole.

Welcome to Bodega Bay. It’s so cool that you won’t even know what hit you (but if it hurts, it would probably be a beautiful hipster-man with a long beard, round glasses and currently biking around on a one-wheeled bicycle). Bodega Bay is located close to the Oberkampf metro station, and here you can spend your evening eating French-Mexican food (warning! Guacamole overload!) and dance away to Latin-American rhytms. This place is sexy. And if you’re looking for a French bae, either just for a night or for the rest of your life, then look no further than Bodega Bay.

And apologies for the photos. I was too busy eating guacamole, drinking sangria, and staring at beautiful men. Bodega Bay does that to you. Embrace it, babe.



Christina Sunneklep (b.1992) is a rather snap-happy Norwegian travel blogger. For the past few years, she's been winging it in Rome - now she's doing her best to conquer Glasgow, Scotland.



  1. Immy May July 22, 2016

    This looks amazing! Any place that provides a huge quantity of guac AND cocktails is a place for me. I need to get myself over to sweet parie! Immy x


    • Christina July 25, 2016

      Then this is the place for you! It looks a wee bit shady from the outside, but the food is wonderful xx


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