Desert Glamping, Morocco


Looking for a different camping experience? It’s time to try glamping in the Sahara.

A few weeks ago I boarded a plane that would take me to Morocco, a country I have been dreaming about visiting for several years now. It has been a whirlwind of a trip to say the least, and I have ticked off so many beautiful cities and experiences. However, I have also ended up in the hospital due to a major food poisoning – a food poisoning that was so severe that I unfortunately missed out on my flights to Central America. So while I’m stuck in bed, trying to recover, I might as well take you back to my first ever Glamping experience – in the middle of the Sahara!

Glamping in Morocco

Our camp was located in the Moroccan part of the Sahara, nearby the outskirts of Ourzazate. The camp is located in such an isolated place that it can only be reached in 2 ways – either by camels or by 4×4 jeeps. We chose the latter, and decided to discover the surrounding desert on a jeep safari!

First things first, Abdoul helped us arranging our headscarves to protect us from the sun. Here you can see me and Briar excitedly rocking our new styles!

After playing around on the sand dunes for a few hours, our driver Hassan dropped us of at our camp – and it was just in time for sunset! I mean, how beautiful is this?!

I believe it’s far from an overstatement to claim that the Saharan sunset was absolutely breathtaking. We sat in the sand, dreamingly watching the horizon, until the air turned slightly colder against our skin. Afterwards we slowly made our way down to the camp.  Abdoul had prepared both peppermint tea and local wine for us to enjoy.


moroccoAfter settling into our tents, which were all made cozy with beds and a bunch of super soft blankets, we had an absolutely brilliant local dinner served around the bonfire. Drunk on both wine and life, we played a few rounds of Never Have I Ever, told a few ghost stories, and then grew quiet when Abdoul and his mates gathered up a few instruments. Soon they were singing beautiful songs in foreign languages, and we were all dancing around the bonfire.

Photo by the very talented Andrea Weir

That night we all fell asleep in the sand, with dirty feet and exhausted minds, while watching the beauty of the Milky Way above our heads…


glamping in morocco

Christina Sunneklep (b.1992) is a rather snap-happy Norwegian travel blogger. For the past few years, she's been winging it in Rome - now she's doing her best to conquer Glasgow, Scotland.



  1. Anne Riley October 7, 2016

    omg, that photo of the night sky is absolutely gorgeous!

    Hope you are feeling better, sad to hear you missed out on your new adventures

    • Christina October 7, 2016

      It’s beautiful, isn’t it? It’s shot by the very talented Andrea Weir, one of the girls I was lucky enough to meet in Morocco :)

  2. Marianne - Glimt av verden October 8, 2016

    Oi, for en matforgiftning! Sykehus! Jeg var i Marokko i februar, en langhelg med en venninne, i utgangspunktet akkurat passe tid til å se oss rundt i Marrakech og dra på dagstur til Atlasfjellene. Vi begynte med Atlasfjellene, og deretter ble jeg stuck på hotellrommet med en innmari slitsom matforgiftning. Dermed forsvant halve den korte tiden vi hadde der nede, og vi fikk bare noen veldig få timer til å gå rundt i soukene. Heldigvis var det ikke så ille som det du opplevde, da… Håper du blir helt bra igjen snart og kommer deg av sted til Mellom-Amerika! Ørkenen står på ønskelisten min til neste gang jeg (forhåpentligvis) reiser til Marokko. Er i grunnen flere steder i landet jeg gjerne vil besøke :-)

  3. Renates Reiser October 12, 2016

    For en drøm dette så ut som! Utroooolig vakkert! Jeg fikk i grunn akutt lyst til å dra tilbake til Marokko, haha. Fikk du besøkt den blå byen i landet forresten? Dit har jeg superlyst til å dra.

    Matforgiftningen hørtes derimot helt forferdelig ut. Fikk du det på ørkenturen? Supertkjipt at du mistet flyene til Sentral Amerika! Håper du får det dekt av reiseforsikringen eller noe. :/

  4. Reiselykke November 24, 2016

    Hit vil jeg dra neste gang jeg er i Marokko! Det vil si; vil nå helst slippe den matforgiftningen, da … Høres slett ikke godt ut. Og så synd at du ikke fikk dratt videre …

    / Mette

    • Christina November 30, 2016

      Det var virkelig en helt fantastisk opplevelse, og det anbefales på det sterkeste :)


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