A City Guide to Amsterdam

City guide to Amsterdam

Here is your complete where, what and how city guide to Amsterdam.

Those of you who follow my adventures on Instagram, might have noticed that I once again escaped gloomy Glasgow and jetted off on a cheeky mid-week trip to Amsterdam. Despite having spent lots of time at Schipol Airport over the past few years (is it just me or does ALL long-haul flights connect at Schipol?!), I had yet to actually visit the city of Amsterdam.

The opportunity to visit Amsterdam arrived rather quickly, due to some really cheap tickets at my bae Skyscanner. However, I must admit that I was feeling a wee bit unsure before booking the flights. You see, I was not headed to Amsterdam for anything remotely blog related at all. I was simply trying to escape the horrendous UK weather with my partner. But most of the information one can find regarding Amsterdam seemed to dwell around two quite distinct features 1) Weed, and 2) the Red Light District. To me, none of these things appears to be an important part of a romantic getaway (you might beg to differ. In that case – GO YOU!). In danger of sounding unbearably ignorant – is there really anything hiding under Amsterdam’s seemingly dodgy surface?

It quickly turned out, however, that Amsterdam is so much more than weed, sex shops,  and immensely drunk British lads paying for sexual services. I might even go as far as to say that Amsterdam is one of my new favorite cities! So with no further ado, here’s my city guide to Amsterdam…

city guide Amsterdam

Where? Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The wee country is situated in North-Western Europe, and it shares a border with Germany and Belgium. Fun fact: the Netherlands still control three territories in the Caribbean.

Closest airport? Amsterdam Schipol Airport (which is also one of the biggest airports in Europe). The Rijksmuseum, and the city centre, can be reached within 40 minutes by taking the 197 bus from Platform B at Schipol.

Flight time? 1 hour and 20 minutes from Glasgow, app. the same from London Heathrow.

city guide amsterdam

Time Zone? +1 hour London time

Currency? Euro!

city guide amsterdam

What to see? De 9 Straatjes (the nine streets), Bloemenmarkt, the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh museum, and Vondelpark are all must-sees. It goes without saying that Amsterdam is an absolutely stunning city, and I recommend to simply just walk along the canals all day long! The views are beautiful, and the museums are world class (especially the Van Gogh museum). The Museum of Prostitution, centrally located in the Red Light District, is also worth a visit if you find yourself to be intrigued by the history of brothels and prostitution in Amsterdam.

Where to eat? Amsterdam offers lots of amazing restaurants, and most of them we discovered purely by accident while strolling around De 9 Straatjes. Although I must say, I had the best truffle pasta of my life at a small Italian eatery named Gusto. Definitely recommended!

Where to drink? I’m not even the slightest embarrassed of claiming that day drinking should be a sport. As you might have gathered from the title of this travel blog, there’s very few things I enjoy more while traveling than having a glass (or two) of wine/fizz/beer for lunch. Luckily, Amsterdam is filled with wonderful bars – some overlooking the beautiful canals, others hidden away in streets that might not even be on the map. After thorough research, I think it’s safe to say that we fell for this little gem of a bar – they have an extensive drink menu, the possibility of sitting by the canal, and a gorgeous beer garden. This is the perfect place to end your day in style.

city guide amsterdam

city guide amsterdam

Where to sleep? Amsterdam has lots of different options when it comes to accommodation, but, as always, please make yourself aware of previous reviews before booking your stay. You can find some excellent hotels in Amsterdam here.

All in all, Amsterdam is absolutely stunning. Our visit was lovely, and we had such a wonderful time just walking along the canals, eating all the food we could find, drinking both amazing beer and amazing wine, and taking in the astonishing art exhibition at the Van Gogh museum.

Have you ever been to Amsterdam?

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Christina Sunneklep (b.1992) is a rather snap-happy Norwegian travel blogger. For the past few years, she's been winging it in Rome - now she's doing her best to conquer Glasgow, Scotland.



  1. The Frugal Teen March 13, 2017

    I went to Amsterdam last month!
    My first time ever :) It was only a daytrip unfortunately but I still loved it!
    I visited the foam museum, better believe it museum and ate at Sugo’s pizza. Did you come across any of them? Would love to know a little more about what you personally did but otherwise a great post xxx

    The Frugal Teen | http://thefrugalteen.wixsite.com/thefrugalteen

    • Christina March 13, 2017

      Omg, there is a foam museum? I completely missed out on that! And yes, I tried the pizza at Sugo’. Absolutely delicious! And to be honest, I feel as if I did nothing but eating and drinking during the entire trip, so that’s why I ended up gathering up tips in a City Guide post instead, haha xx

  2. Emily March 13, 2017

    Amsterdam is definitely one my favorite cities! So much to see every time.

    • Christina March 13, 2017

      I definitely agree! We had such a great time!

  3. Lauren Bassnett March 13, 2017

    Love the stunning photos! Amsterdam looks beautiful xx

  4. the Fashion Matters March 14, 2017

    I love Amsterdam!

    THE FASHION MATTERS- Travel & Fashion blog

  5. Laura March 15, 2017

    I’m so glad that Amsterdam is more than those stereotypical things people think about! It sounds like a really neat place! I’ll have to add it to my long list of places to visit!

    • Christina March 15, 2017

      I couldn’t agree more, Laura! I think it’s sad that Amsterdam is mostly known for all the shady stuff when in reality it’s an absolutely amazing and vibrant city with great museums and wonderful restaurants/bars!

  6. Jeg har vært der to ganger, og liker byen godt. Det er jo en storby, men den føles mindre enn den er, synes jeg.

    • Christina March 16, 2017

      Ja, jeg er helt enig med deg, Marianne! Og så liker jeg så godt at det er mulig å gå/sykle omtrent overalt!


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