12 Things You Should Do In Egypt


Egypt is vivid, fun and full of surprises. Here are 12 things you SHOULD do while winging it in the land of the Pharaohs. 

No 1. Befriend a camel

Face it, babe, you’re a tourist. So why not embrace it, and be a super tourist? You may not blend in with the locals while riding a camel around the ancient pyramids of Giza – but hey, do you actually know how cool camels are? I love camels, they are my new favorite type of animal. GO FOR IT!


2. Check out the Pyramids

You can’t go to Egypt without soaking up the grandness of the ancient Pyramids. Are you a history geek? Hire a guide. Are you not? Hire a guide. You will not regret this, sweetie.


3. Sleep under the stars on a felucca

This was one of my all time favorite experiences. Not only do you get to sail on the infamous Nile in a really cool sailboat, but you also get to sleep under the stars. I loved every single second, and I felt so… wild. And primitive. In the middle of the night – after jumping ashore – I found myself peeing like a hero in the golden Sahara sand. “I should really have my own travel show on TV” I thought to myself whilst squatting behind the tiniest bush in the history of mankind: “Why haven’t National Geographic called me yet? I’ve gone peeing in the desert, on my own – I’m a catch!”


4. Be a mermaid in the Red Sea

Spend a few, relaxing days by the Red Sea – aka Paradise. Take up diving, go snorkeling, go tanning. Feeling exotic? Do a belly dancing course (after a few glasses of alcoholic beverage, that is).


5. Soak up the history….

in the wonderful temples in Aswan or Luxor. Do you feel like experiencing grand architecture and grand history? No? Well, do it anyway! Soak it all up, and feel really intelligent and cultural. It’s amazing, I promise.

Philae Cavaforlunch

6. Watch the sunset

You cannot go to Egypt without enjoying the tranquil beauty of a sunset exploding over the sky – and over the Nile. Enjoy it alone with a cold beer. Enjoy it with Mr. Right – or with a person who is wrong in all the right ways…


7. Befriend a crocodile

I don’t like crocodiles. Frankly, I’m terrified of them. But, at least I can now brag about “that time in Aswan when I held a baby crocodile”. No one has to know that I started crying while holding it. No one has to know that I screamed “He’s gonna eat me now” while hysterically dropping the crocodile to the ground. What happens in Egypt, stays in Egypt. Am I right? Right?!

(Here’s a bad quality iPhone photo because I was too terrified to get my proper camera. Feel the fear through the lens)


8. Look up

… And enjoy the beauty that exists everywhere around you.


9. Look down 

… And enjoy the beauty that exists beneath your feet.


10. Have some peppermint tea

… While talking shit with an old villain.


11. Protect yourself

You know, from… well, everything. The world’s got a tendency to be quite a shady place. So use protection on the road, in the bedroom, in the sun. Better safe than sorry, right?

(Yes, this is sun protector 90. And yes, they do actually exist. Oh the pleasures of pale, nordic skin, right…)


12. Fall in love

… with yourself, with tea, with life, with that boy who is totally wrong for you but still so immensely cool and good looking, and with a country. Egypt is cool. I love you, Egypt.



Christina Sunneklep (b.1992) is a rather snap-happy Norwegian travel blogger. For the past few years, she's been winging it in Rome - now she's doing her best to conquer Glasgow, Scotland.



  1. June August 29, 2015

    Åh, dette var bra, nå fikk jeg sykt lyst til å dra til Egypt! <3

    • Christina August 29, 2015

      Go for it! Du kommer til å elske det!

  2. Maria's Adventure September 14, 2015

    Fine bilder, ser kjempeherlig ut! Jeg har såvidt vært innom Egypt, for mange år siden – men jeg var dessverre bare i Sharm el Sheikh… Neste gang skal jeg definitivt utforske landet mer! :)


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