Top 3 Things to do in Montevideo, Uruguay

top things to do in montevideo

Montevideo is probably one of the most underrated cities in South America. Here’s our list of top 3 things do while visiting the Uruguayan capital. 

Discover Montevideo on a bike…

Montevideo is the perfect city for all the bike lovers out there. For only $20 a day, you can rent a fancy little bike from one the many rental companies! Once you feel the refreshing combination of wind and freedom blowing through your hair, you should make your way towards Las Ramblas – a huge road, with a separate lane for bikes, that takes you all the way down the beautiful coastline. There’s so much to see along the coast, it helps you burn  off all the beers you’ve just had, and it helps you avoid taxi expenses. What’s not to like?






Taste your way through the food market!

Montevideo is the home of a cute little city centre with cobblestoned streets, tiny vintage stores and an amazing food market. This is a place you simply shouldn’t miss out on! Here you can find newly caught fish, tender steaks, amazing chocolate and home-made ice cream. This place will keep you busy – and full – for days. Also, don’t forget to finish your food market experience by having a ice cold pint in the afternoon sun. That’s compulsory, my friend.

Montevideo top 3 things

Montevideo top 3 things

Make friends on a local beach party!

Montevideo can offer some amazing beaches, and during the summer season you can stumble across some really amazing beach parties. So what are you waiting for? Get some beer, make some new friends and join in!

If you travel during the low season, like I did, there will naturally be fewer beach parties to attend… But no need to fear! We arranged our own beach party at the infinity pool at our hotel, the Dazzler. As you can see, the infinity pool is worth a visit whether or not you’re arranging a party – it’s the perfect place to chill for a day (or two).

Montevideo top things




Have you ever been to Montevideo? 


Christina Sunneklep (b.1992) is a rather snap-happy Norwegian travel blogger. For the past few years, she's been winging it in Rome - now she's doing her best to conquer Glasgow, Scotland.



  1. Jeg benyttet anledningen til å reise til Montevideo da ei venninne bodde der i 2008/2009, og syntes det var en fin by. Likte godt den lange og lett tilgjengelige sandstranden.

    • Christina March 17, 2017

      Helt enig! Jeg synes det er en utrolig herlig by – den gir meg egentlig en litt sånn “småby”-følelse selv om den er ganske stor! :)

  2. Buroyfoto March 21, 2017


    • Christina March 21, 2017

      Helt enig med deg, Montevideo er virkelig helt herlig :)

  3. Maria's Adventure March 27, 2017

    Spennende lesing! Har planlagt en dagstur dit fra Buenos Aires i sommer! :-D

    • Christina March 28, 2017

      Da burde du glede deg – det er en helt fantastisk by! :)


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